Art, open to the public at the Peg’s Gallery. The way she would want it.

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Flight & Shadow

The collaborated works of Tom Baldwin, Wildfowl Carving

& Carol Klingel, Painting

Exhibition runs through January 9, 2018

Upcoming Exhibition:

    ♦ January 17, 2018, José Sacaridiz

Previous Exhibitions

Opposites Attract featuring artwork by Kim Uhlik & Johanna Woltil   
June 14 through August 21, 2017
Alternate Approaches featuring artists from Akron Art Prize 2016  
June 14 through August 21, 2017
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Hudson’s Sister City ~ Landsberg, Bavaria, Germany by Mr. Hilary H. Sheeter 
April 12 through June 6, 2017
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His Ability: Autism Seen Through His Sisters’ Eyes by Claudia Olaes and Isabelle Olaes 
February 22 through  April 4, 2017
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I Dream in Watercolor by Linda Nye 
November 2, 2016 through  January 3, 2017
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Crayon Batiks by Lawrence A. Walker 
August 24, thru October 26 2016
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Akron Art Prize: Celebrating Creativity 
June 15 thru August 16, 2016
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Walsh Jesuit High School Student Art
April 5 thru June 7, 2016
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Expressions of Recovery
Artists of Community Support Services
January 26 thru March 29, 2016
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Myers School of Art, The University of Akron
November 17, 2015 thru January 20, 2016
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Expressions of Nature
Hudson Society of Artists
July 30 thru September 16, 2015
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Conversations in Fiber, Glass and Photographs
Bradley Hart, Marianne Hite, Connie Bloom
May 21 thru July 22, 2015
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Sky to Steel
Shannon Casey, Michelle Touve, Katina Pastis Radwanski
March 12 thru May 13, 2015
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Dream Out Loud
Summit DD Studio Exhibition
January 15 thru March 4, 2015
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3 Artists 3 Mediums
Beth Lindenberger, José Sacaridiz, David Shankland
November 6, 2014 thru January 7, 2015
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Farmers Markets
an exhibition of original artwork by Hudson Society of Artists
August 28 thru October 27, 2014
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Fashion Illustrations
Featuring illustrations created by Norma Wagner Uray
July 15 thru August 21, 2014
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Creativity Inspired by Recovery
Featuring artwork of talented artists of Portage Path Behavioral Health
June 5 thru July 9, 2014
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An Exploration of Portals
Original artwork by Jan Noden & Karen Koch
April 1 thru May 28, 2014
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In Dreams- Children’s Illustrations
by Mindy Soulsby
January 23 thru March 26, 2014
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The Art of Recovery
Community Support Services Artists
December 19, 2013 thru January 15, 2014
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Lisa Demagall
Flameworked Glass
October 2013
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Kent State University School of Art
Graduate Student Work
September 12 thru December 12, 2013
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National Collage Society
March 6 thru May 27, 2013
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Truth – Sandra Holata
Handmade Paper and Liquid Emulsion Photographs
January 8 thru February 21, 2013
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Art and Recovery
Terry Klausman and George Reuter
October 22 thru December 31, 2012
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Kent State University School of Art
Graduate Student Work
June 24 thru October 18, 2012
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