Our Board of Trustees

Our board is made up of people who share Peg’s passion for helping those with mental health problems. We value their guidance, compassion and confidence as we go about our work to fulfill the mission of the foundation: To improve the lives of people with serious mental illness by investing in innovative projects in Northeast Ohio having national transformational impact.

<p><center>Willam H. Fellows</center>

Willam H. Fellows

<p><center>Penelope A. Frese, Ph.D</center>

Penelope A. Frese, Ph.D
<p><center>Robert D. Kallstrom, Jr.</center>

Robert D. Kallstrom, Jr.
<p><center>Jeffrey T. Knoll</center>

Jeffrey T. Knoll

<p><center>A. William McGraw</center>

A. William McGraw

<p><center>Martin Hauser</center>

Martin Hauser
<p><center>Jonathan T. Pavloff</center>

Jonathan T. Pavloff

<p><center>Keith Riley</center>

Keith Riley

Our Staff

<p><center>Rick Kellar</center>

Rick Kellar

<p><center>Thom Craig</center>

Thom Craig

Director: Mental Health Program
<p><center>Jocelyn Dougherty</center>

Jocelyn Dougherty

Grant Operations Manager
<p><center>Victoria Romanda</center>

Victoria Romanda

Senior Program Officer